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in good times, in bad times.. i'll be on your side forever more.
that's what friends are for!

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hoffman : they are very important clients. they can’t wait.
jameson: they are about to.
(c) spiderman

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что ты на меня смотришь,как сельский житель на iphone? (с) сильвестр андреевич

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- saving lives is not optional!
(c) grey's anatomy

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- oh, is it "bring a hot blonde to work" day? i didn't know.
- *cough*sexual harrassement*cough*
(c) grey's anatomy

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that's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.
(c) neil armstrong

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- oh you're lying. you know how i know you're lying? cause you're a bad liar!
(c) grey's anatomy

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- dude, did you hear that, we are media!
- not just media.. banned media.
(c) one tree hill

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- let's see, in ten years, i'll probably be married to someone like marvin mcfadden.
- who's marvin mcfadden?
- of course, you all probably call him senator mcfadden or something. but we just call him mouth.
(с) one tree hill

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love is a rose. (c)

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- except the kid.. let's ask him. oh no, wait, we can't, he's dying!
(c) house m.d.

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- ты угонишь машину или тебе принести ключи?!
(с) такси, жеббер

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- slutty mistress.
- pregnant whore.
(c) grey's anatomy

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- mrs. seabury, you have lung cancer and sooner we get you to the or, the bigger are your chances of surviving.
- yes, so i've heard.. this is funny. i've never smoked a cigarette, i've never smoked pot, i've never drunk and
before today i haven't tasted a dessert in 10 years. i'm the picture of health and i have lung cancer!
(c) grey's anatomy

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- and alex, go see the cheif by the end of the day.
- for?
- do i look physic to you?
(c) grey's anatomy

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- гарик скажи мне как армянин украинке, что ты подаришь своей жене?
- я ей подарю самое дорогое что у меня есть!
- армянское гражданство?
(с) прожекторперисхилтон

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- but he's dead!
- did you not hear me say he's not dead until i say he's dead!
(c) bailey, grey's anatomy

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- we just heard principal turner read a list of erica's accomplishments. i could try to do that for Brooke but it would be kind of a short speech. as you know, brooke's probably one of the most popular people in school. something i'm definitely not. and yet she's my friend. she never cared what clique i was part of, the kinds of clothes i wore or the fact that i have to ride the bus. she looked past that stuff. and when you think about it, isn't that what we want in our president? someone who can see past the superficial differences and bring us together? this year, brooke's had her share of ups and downs. just like all of us. but most of you never saw it. because even when life got hard, brooke never let it in. she was just... brooke. tough, smart, one-of-a-kind. and i don't know about you but those are things that i look for in a leader. brooke davis is my friend but that's not why i'm voting for her. i'm voting for her because of her heart and her spirit. and because she's the best person for the job.
(c) mouth about brooke, one tree hill

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- the magazine pages are sticky again, little perv. hey, lucas! have you been reading this?
- i don't know, haley. is that the "why do y hang out with these people?" issue, because your on the cover of that, right?
- actually it's the "my best friend is an idiot" issue, and there you are.
(c) one tree hill

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i wanna be in love with you